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Nuance is bridging the Gap between In-Car and Outside-the-Car experiences and delivering Innovation for the Car of the Future

Connected Car Platform Dragon Drive is featuring “Just Talk” mode, voice combined with gaze and multi-passenger interaction at Ifa.

Nuance Communications, Inc., the pioneer and leader in conversational AI innovations, will unveil a tailor-made Berlin Showcase of its Automotive Assistant Dragon Drive at IFA.  It will demonstrate how the assistant tightly integrates conversational artificial intelligence with non-verbal modalities, such as gaze detection, enabling drivers to get information about and interact with places outside the car simply by looking at them. It will also feature Just Talk, the capability to engage the automotive assistant without pushing a button or using a wake-up word, and it will demonstrate how voice biometrics will help to create multiple acoustic zones in the car to create a personalized user experience.

The short drive in Berlin will highlight following features in action: 

Just Talk

With “Just Talk” mode activated, the automotive assistant stands-by for a command from the driver without needing to be explicitly addressed by name or engaged by the push of a button – just like in human conversations.  


Dragon Drive combines speech, natural language understanding, contextual reasoning, machine learning and integration with vehicle sensors to deliver a humanized conversation with consumers that provide the best, personalized results while driving. New innovative features include “multi-modal” gaze detection and control capabilities supported by a driver-monitoring system from SmartEye combined with conversational AI. It enables the driver to simply look at an object and get answers to questions such as “what is that building?” or “how much does it cost to park in there?” – either by spoken answers, as in a dialogue, or written answers displayed on an augmented reality screen by Apostera. 

Multi-passenger interaction

Dragon Drive can create multiple acoustic zones in the car. With the help of voice biometrics, it identifies different users in the car, and with the help of acoustic technologies, it knows where the individual passengers are seated and offers each user a personalized experience.

Conversational AI

Dragon Drive leverages artificial intelligence-based technologies, supporting drivers with all driving related tasks and anticipating their needs. Machine learning enables a personalized user experience based on past behavior and preferences, and reasoning ensures contextual, relevant results by considering all kinds of contextual information including information coming from car sensors. 

“The smart automotive assistants of both today and the future are poised to become the most important elements in a consumer’s connected ecosystem. Interoperability with third-party smart assistants and advances in AI reasoning enable automotive assistants to support the needs of people in their vehicles better than any other virtual assistant possibly can.” says Nils Lenke, Senior Director Innovation Management at Nuance. “Virtual assistants will provide access to the most relevant and timely information — from the car, the environment and the cloud — to help users make better-informed and faster decisions, thereby enhancing their productivity, comfort and safety. In addition, the fact that the car communicates and interacts with users in a natural way will help to build trust and adoption.” he adds.

Nuance Automotive specializes in conversational AI technologies for the car, helping automotive manufacturers deliver unique user experiences to their customers. With the Dragon Drive platform, Nuance offers a deeply integrated, hybrid solution that can be customised to become a smart automotive assistant that is seamlessly integrated into the user’s connected ecosystem. Today, Dragon Drive ships globally in more than 200 million cars across more than 40 languages, creating conversational experiences for Toyota, Audi, BMW, Daimler, Fiat, Ford, GM, Hyundai, SAIC, and more. To learn more about the ways in which Dragon Drive is amplifying the intelligence of the connected car, visit Dragon Drive on and stay connected on LinkedIn.

A video of the Berlin Demo can be checked out here. 

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