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Research Instruments' market mainly consists of academic institutions and industrial operators within the automotive industry and the aviation and defence industries.

A unique positioning in a niche segment

Research Instruments has high strategic significance to Smart Eye, and its operations offer early insights into the type of functionality, and for what purposes, eye tracking technology will evolve for in a few years’ time. The business area has a strong and stable positioning as a producer of sophisticated eye tracking systems for R&D and educational environments. Smart Eye’s opinion is that the current annual global market value for this type of eye tracking system is approximately SEK 500 million, with a yearly growth rate of over 10%. First and foremost, growth potential for this business area is expected from applying eye tracking technology in new segments, flight simulators and general interior aircraft environments being one. Neuroscientific research, and consumer electronics, IT and marketing are others. Smart Eye also sees good potential to increase the business area’s market share through its partnership with iMotions, as well as sales & marketing initiatives. 

"Although Smart Eye does provide hardware, the substantial values are in the algorithms and software used in the system, as is reflected in the business area’s gross margins of between 75 and 90%"