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Customers within Research Instruments are mainly operators within academic research, the aviation and defence industries, and the automotive industry.

Academic research

Smart Eye has delivered eyetracking systems to more than 85 universities and research institutes. The systems are used for scientific studies within a range of areas such as psychology, paediatrics, neurology, ophthalmology, teaching, linguistics, studies of primates and behavioural science.

Aviation and defence industries

A large proportion of the world's leading aviation and defence industries use Smart Eye Pro® in their research and product development, and in simulators. This is a demanding customer category that makes high demands of the system's performance and reliability.

Automotive industry

Ever since Smart Eye sold the first prototype to SAAB Automobile in 2002 the company has collaborated closely with the automotive industry. Customers use Smart Eye Pro® to study how users behave in a vehicle, which is important for the design of the instrument panel and the driving environment in general. Customers also use Smart Eye's systems to increase their knowledge of eyetracking and how the technology can be used in the vehicles of the future. The customers are automotive manufacturers, and also the leading subsuppliers in the industry. Smart Eye has delivered eyetracking systems to most of the world's major automotive manufacturers.