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Business model and sales

Smart Eye Pro® consists of hardware, i.e. cameras, illumination modules and accessories, as well as calculation and analysis software.

To keep things simple for the customer, Smart Eye often provides a PC on which everything is pre-configured. For larger and more advanced systems, Smart Eye also provides installation and configuration at the customer's site.

Sales mainly take place directly to the customer, but also through distributors. Sales to the automotive industry and the aviation and defence industries usually take place directly from Smart Eye. In Asia, sales most often take place via distributors and the company has distribution partners in Japan and South Korea. Smart Eye participates actively in conferences and fairs, and many new customer contacts are established here.

Smart Eye has several large regular customers in the automotive, aviation and defence industries, and has well-established contacts with these operators. Smart Eye Pro® is positioned as a premium system and the company has many strong references and a good reputation in the industry.

Smart Eye Pro® is sold as one overall solution whereby the customers pay per system, according to the company's price list. Smart Eye provides service and support agreements that also give customers access to software upgrades. Smart Eye Pro® costs up to SEK 1.0 million per system, depending on the configuration.

Cameras, lighting modules and related hardware are acquired from external providers, and all installation and configuration take place at Smart Eye in Gothenburg. Even if Smart Eye delivers the hardware, the great value of the product lies in the algorithms and software used in the system, which is reflected in the business area's gross margin in the range of 75 to 90 per cent.