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Sophisticated eye tracking systems for research, development and educational environments.

Smart Eye provides sophisticated eye tracking systems for analysing human behaviour in its Research Instruments business area. These systems consist of lighting and camera modules, as well as computation and analysis software. Its customers are mainly participants in academic research, aviation, aerospace and defence industries, as well as the automotive industry.

Smart Eye was originally founded in the early 2000s to develop eye tracking systems for the automotive industry. These were complete systems consisting of software and hardware. Research Instruments’origins are in these activities.

"The value lies in the software and algorithms, as is reflected in the business area’s gross margins, which are 75-90%"

Priorities 2020

Maintain focus on the US and European markets to increase sales, while prioritising new agency partnership in China to develop and advance Research Instruments’ positioning on the Chinese market. Continued initiatives to further develop and enhance the potential offered by digital marketing and web channels to strengthen customer relationships and lift sales.