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Automotive Solutions - world-leading positioning with good growth potential

Smart Eyes’ and Automotive Solutions’ world leadership as a producer of eye tracking technology is secured by its design wins (see page 13). Smart Eye’s opinion is that there is no other producer of eye tracking for vehicle interior environments with as many design wins and technology installed in as many vehicles in production as Smart Eye. Smart Eye is often prevented from naming its customers by nondisclosure agreements, but of vehicles already in production, Smart Eye has been able to name the BMW X3, X4, X5, Z4, 3 series and 8 series. In June 2020 Smart Eye had recieved 81 design wins from 12 OEMs, by year-end 2019, Smart Eye had a total of 56 design wins (29 at year-end 2018). Major design wins were secured in South Korea and Japan in the year. With its previous major design wins from European and Chinese producers, Smart Eye clearly consolidated its market positioning in the year. Smart Eye now provides eye tracking technology for a total of twelve OEMs, and a total of eight car platforms. Apart from Smart Eye, there is only a small cluster of players capable of delivering the type of eye tracking software that the automotive industry requires. Smart Eye issues press releases whenever it secures new design wins, and states them in its quarterly reports.

"With its 81 secured design wins with 12 carmakers and with six cars in series production, Smart Eye is the player perceived as the world leader in eye tracking for the car industry"