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By year-end 2019, Smart Eye had secured design wins to deliver eye tracking technology for 56 premium and mid-class car models with 10 European and Asian OEMs. The American market for driver monitoring systems has matured more slowly, with tendering processes in an earlier phase than the rest of the world. Smart Eye secured its first design win in 2015 with BMW on the X5 model, which entered production in 2018. By 31 December 2019, Smart Eye had a total of 56 design wins on 8 different car platforms and 6 car models in production. However, in June 2020 Smart Eye had increased the number of design wins to 81. Usually, Smart Eye is prevented from naming the OEM or car model a specific design win relates to by nondisclosure agreements, and of those now in production, all are BMW models—the X3, X4, X5, Z4, 3 series, and 8 series. Smart Eye also always announces its design wins in press releases, and current numbers are stated in press releases and quarterly reports.

Progress in 2019

The sales of the Automotive Solutions business area increased by 25% in the year 2019, and are now SEK 26.2 million. This increase is mainly driven by Smart Eye starting to receive license fees for vehicles equipped with Smart Eye software since the end of 2018. Work in the year featured intensive efforts on multiple ongoing international driver monitoring system tenders. Major, milestone successes were achieved in the Japanese and South Korean markets. Japan and South Korea have a tradition of primarily contracting domestic subcontractors, to then pursue long-term partnerships. Because some of the world’s largest car manufacturers are located in Japan and South Korea, becoming an established player in these markets is highly significant. In Japan, Smart Eye secured 10 design wins with one car manufacturer, which shares car platforms with a European producer. In South Korea, Smart Eye secured 14 design wins with a global manufacturer in the mass market segment. Looking back reveals that 2017 was a breakthrough year for driver monitoring tenders for premium segment cars, 2018 was a breakthrough year for tenders for the mass market segment, and 2019 was the year went Smart Eye’s successes genuinely made the company a global player in the automotive sector. This progress has continued in early-2020, with further design wins in China.