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Business model

Automotive Solutions - a leading partner in active automotive industry safety. 

Within Automotive Solutions, Smart Eye mainly supplies eye tracking algorithms and software for cameras and other types of hardware that automotive industry Tier 1 manufacturers assemble into complete systems, mainly for driver monitoring. Smart Eye’s algorithms and software are also used in systems that control car infotainment systems and tailor vehicle interior environments, for example. However, Automotive Solutions’ technology has only gone into series production within driver monitoring to date. Apart from software, Automotive Solutions also provides some hardware for Tier 1 manufacturers for a range of development projects.

Central technology for vehicle-human interaction

Driver monitoring and automated driving are necessary to achieve the vision of zero road accidents. Eye tracking is a crucial technology for the interaction between the human and vehicle to function in safety systems, and for partially or fully self-driving driving cars to respond and react to the driver’s intentions and state.

A sustainable lead in innovation

Smart Eye has been developing pioneering eye tracking technology since the early 2000s, and now enjoy status as the technology leader in the segment. Basically, the first eye tracking systems were limited to ensuring that the driver was paying attention, and not falling asleep. Second-generation systems can also assist in operating the vehicle’s internal functions. In 2017, Smart Eye launched the world’s first eye tracking system, which can offer even more accurate data on individual actions and intentions with the aid of AI technology. With its 57 secured design wins, on eight different platforms and with [six] cars in series production, Smart Eye is the player perceived as the world leader in eye tracking for the car industry (number of design wins as of 31 December 2019, for current figures.)

An established partner

Smart Eye has long-term, well-established customer relationships, and development work ongoing for most Tier 1 automotive industry OEMs. Smart Eye has recognised capability in satisfying the automotive industry’s exacting performance, accuracy, reliability, availability, safety, durability and delivery capability standards for safety-critical systems. In most cases, Smart Eye is not permitted to name the customers it secures design wins from. Those customers it has been able to name to date are BMW and Geely refer to quarterly reports and press releases.)

Platform-independent software

For commercialising eye tracking technology within Automotive Solutions, Smart Eye has adopted a hardware diagnostics strategy, which enables the business area to benefit from investment in the smartphone industry. Usually, processors developed for mobile phones are then accepted by the automotive industry, generating a stream of new, enhanced chips for series production. Accordingly, Smart Eye’s technology is compatible with most of the market’s ECUs (electronic control units) and is SOCs (systems on chip). Smart Eye’s platform-independent software can also be locked late in the development process. These strategic decisions have proved to harmonise closely with automotive industry preferences. Additionally, they mean that Smart Eye’s technology can be generic, which means little customisation is necessary, and integration processes become extremely efficient.