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The eye tracking technology Smart Eye has developed, and that has created the foundation of the group’s operations is based on saving lives, improving safety and human security. Sustainability is the core of Smart Eye’s business model.

Smart Eye was founded to close the distance between humans and machines. The technological solutions the company develops understand, simplify and predict human intentions and actions.

Saving lives on the ground and in the air

Smart Eye’s customers are mainly in the automotive, aviation and aerospace industries, but also in the academic community, customers that set extreme standards on their suppliers. Smart Eye is capable of satisfying these exacting safety, reliability, quality, durability and delivery capability standards. Smart Eye’s technology helps save lives on roads and in the air. By delivering to research and education environments, Smart Eye also helps generate deeper knowledge in behavioural science and better understanding of human behaviour in crises, for example.

Eye tracking - a necessity for reducing road accidents

Each year, 1.3 million traffic-related deaths occur worldwide. The annual averages of accidents involving personal injury per 100,000 cars are 231 in the Nordic region, 498 in Europe and 1,450 in North America (source: UNECE, 2015). Driver monitoring and automated driving are necessary to achieve the vision of zero road accidents. Smart Eye’s technology is embedded in active driver monitoring systems. The first cars with driver monitoring systems based on Smart Eye’s eye tracking technology entered production in 2018, and the number of cars with this technology will grow rapidly over the coming years, with legislation, other initiatives and demand driving development. Systems can detect whether a driver is inattentive or drowsy, and can stimulate driver attention in a variety of ways. If the driver does not respond to these impulses, the driver monitoring system can restrict a vehicle’s speed, or stop it completely. With current demand growth, it is likely that in a few years, driver monitoring systems will be as common as airbags and seatbelts are now.

Skilled professionals developing new technology

To develop technology solutions at the leading edge of technology, Smart Eye needs to be able to hire and attract the best professionals. It is satisfying to note that many of the people who were present when the company was founded still remain. Of those who have joined the company in recent years, very few have left. Smart Eye can offer a workplace with a variety of research and development projects focused on developing sophisticated technological systems focused on improving security and safety. With an attractive working environment, where people are offered good potential to grow and develop, this helps Smart Eye to attract ambitious engineers, practised developers and outstanding scientists, all who have strong drive, a solution focus and interest in learning and teaching. Smart Eye professionals have what it takes to make a difference - in-depth knowledge of human-machine interaction. They know what’s needed to measure, describe and interpret reality, and to develop and improve the whole technology chain, from eye to software.

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