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Sustainability – prioritised area going forward

During the year, Smart Eye performed a materiality analysis as the basis for its sustainability work, and thereby also prioritised the company's different stakeholders.

Customers within Tier1 are a group of stakeholders that are naturally given very high priority. Many of Smart Eye's customers are active within Automotive and Aviation, respectively, and set very high requirements of suppliers. For the companies that are chosen as suppliers, this is a quality stamp of approval, since more parties are likely to buy from a supplier endorsed by a major customer.

The academic world is also of great significance since the technology and products provided by Smart Eye are in demand in the world of research. The car industry is a significant customer group.

The group's current and potential employees are of vital significance, since there is an international shortage of engineers and other technical expertise. The outcome of the race to recruit new talent will determine the company's future, which makes employer branding vitally important.

Prioritised issues

The materiality analysis resulted in the prioritisation of issues which Smart Eye as a company must handle in order to meet stakeholders' requirements, with great focus on both present and potential customers and employees.

In terms of day-to-day activities, great weight is given to delivering under the customer projects in which Smart Eye is engaged. Fundamentally, the business is often a question of Smart Eye supporting end-customers in saving lives – on the ground and in the air. By delivering eyetracking systems for research and development environments, Smart Eye also contributes to deeper research into behavioural science and the achievement of a better understanding of human behaviour, for example in crisis situations.

For all customers, it is important that Smart Eye delivers on its promise and with high quality. Smart Eye's technical development must be perceived as challenging and impudent, with pioneering technology, and the company must stand for something new and different. This is given high priority by customers, and also by potential employees to a high degree. Employer branding is important for the successful recruitment of relevant expertise. To be an attractive workplace, it is important to be able to offer opportunities for employees to develop and have a good work/life balance, and also to have a positive corporate culture that is maintained as the company grows and becomes more international.

The company's owners give priority to systematically and gradually working to guarantee compliance with the code of conduct. In procurement situations and in direct sales it is important to take anti-corruption measures into account and to create a good business culture in which the code of conduct is applied.