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2017 – Launch of Smart AI, a plattform for multimodal In-Car Artificial Intelligence 

2016 – IPO at First North Nasdaq OMX Stockholm

2015 – Launch of Aurora, a removable, high-precision screen metering system

2014 – Launch of Blackbird, a reference system for the automotive industry

2012 – Launch of DR-120, a screen metering system with cameras built into the screen

2008 – Due to the financial crisis, the automotive industry's appetite for investment is dampened

2008 – Embedded AntiSleep, a collaboration with Visteon whereby the system is integrated in a camera with a built-in processor

2005 – AntiSleep is launched for the automotive industry as the first system with a camera and full 3D measurement

2003 – Smart Eye Pro® is launched with four cameras; the first customer is Autoliv

2002 – Smart Eye Pro® is launched with three cameras and measurement in 3D; the first customer is Delphi Automotive

2001 – First system sale of two cameras to SAAB Automobile

2000 – First working prototype, a camera with measurement in 2D

1999 – Smart Eye is founded