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2020 - In January Smart Eye exhibits at CES Las Vegas for the first time, a successful event on many levels for the company. New technology is also launched on the event including Interior Sensing for the automotive market. In the midst of the corona crisis the company also receives its biggest order yet, 24 design wins. In June the same year, the company had received a total of 81 design wins from 12 global OEMs. Extending the world lead position even further. 

2019 - 27 design wins received during 2019 (57 in total), 14 of which with a global Korean OEM and 13 of which with leading Japanese and European OEMs, respectively. EU approves a regulation that all motor vehicles shall be equipped with driver drowsiness, attention and distraction warning systems between 2022-2026. A new business area, the Smart AIS product is launched. For automotive aftermarket, launched in Shanghai in June 2019. It is announced that the BMW 3-series, BMW Z4, BMW X3, BMW X4, BMW X5 and BMW 8-series includes Smart Eye’s technology.


2018 - Launch of the new and smaller Smart Eye Pro dx. Additional design wins from existing European customer and design win with one of China's largest car manufacturers, Geely. To date, 23 design wins in total for the Automotive industry.

2017 – Launch of Smart AI, a plattform for multimodal In-Car Artificial Intelligence.Design win with European premium car manufacturer with SOP 2019. 13 design wins from one European manufacturer (applied to all its car models)

2016 – IPO at First North Nasdaq OMX Stockholm. 

2015 – Launch of Aurora, a removable, high-precision screen metering system. Two design wins for premium car models with SOP 2017 and 2018.

2014 – Launch of Blackbird, a reference system for the automotive industry

2012 – Launch of DR-120, a screen metering system with cameras built into the screen

2008 – Due to the financial crisis, the automotive industry's appetite for investment is dampened

2008 – Embedded AntiSleep, a collaboration with Visteon whereby the system is integrated in a camera with a built-in processor

2005 – AntiSleep is launched for the automotive industry as the first system with a camera and full 3D measurement

2003 – Smart Eye Pro® is launched with four cameras; the first customer is Autoliv

2002 – Smart Eye Pro® is launched with three cameras and measurement in 3D; the first customer is Delphi Automotive

2001 – First system sale of two cameras to SAAB Automobile

2000 – First working prototype, a camera with measurement in 2D

1999 – Smart Eye is founded