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Personnel from all over the world

In Smart Eye's open-plan offices, the language spoken is Gothenburgian, although English is just as common.

"We say that you need to speak English, but it's good if you also speak Swedish," says Ulrika Drotz Molin, CFO and HR manager at Smart Eye.

Diversity among the workforce is related to how Smart Eye attracts expertise from all over the world. It is attractive to be able to work with a pioneering technology.

"We're part of the AI revolution. Our research and system development make it possible to manufacture autonomous vehicles. This is very relevant and exciting," says Ulrika Drotz Molin.

Employees growing with the projects

For Smart Eye, diversity is a deliberate choice, and not only concerns nationality.

"We're an exciting mix of newly-qualified engineers, experienced developers and outstanding researchers," says Ulrika Drotz Molin.

"Smart Eye is an expanding company in which every employee plays a major role, both for what we do and for the culture to which everyone contributes and helps to develop: We have a clear and transparent culture in which every idea is welcome."

In order to not only successfully recruit, but also retain, good employees, Smart Eye focuses on how employees can grow.

"We offer development through exciting projects, but also the opportunity to grow in more difficult work tasks, as our projects expand," says Ulrika Drotz Molin.

"Since we are in a phase where we are commercialising our products, right now there is just as much focus on delivering in the project as on finding new paths to be able to respond to potential customers' expectations. We are therefore continuing to strengthen all areas, including with sales staff with technical sales experience, and business economists to support business and corporate development.

Technical support for new sales organisation

The commercialisation phase means that there have been changes in the expertise required.

"Besides C/C++ developers with experience in embedded systems, we are looking for sales engineers who can give the sales force technical sales support, and also support technicians with a technical interest and a service-based approach, and who are also keen to travel. Generally speaking, we wish to employ people with drive, who are solution-oriented, but also interested in learning more and teaching others," says Ulrika Drotz Molin.

By bringing creativity and technical expertise together, Smart Eye creates engineering that can reach further than would initially seem possible. The company's employees have in-depth knowledge of the interaction between man and machine.

"This is needed to be able to measure, describe and interpret reality. They must also have the ability to refine and develop the entire technical chain, from eye to software," Ulrika Drotz Molin concludes.