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Eyetracking and AI are making the world safer

Smart Eye was founded in 1999 with the vision that eyetracking would one day be used in all communication between man and machine. Today, we can see how the world is facing what some users call the fourth industrial revolution: artificial intelligence, following in the wake of steam, oil and IT. We are now close to achieving the smart society in which autonomous vehicles are just one example of how Smart Eye's vision can be achieved. With Eyetracking and AI we are making the world safer.

Eyetracking is no longer just exciting research, as we can see how the technology is becoming part of people's everyday lives. Eyetracking is built into passenger vehicles to create a new, higher level of traffic safety.

Eyetracking in passenger vehicles allows for a number of functions, of which the most important is autonomous driving. Self-driving cars are being developed in stages, with the vehicle handling an increasing element of propulsion, although the driver will still need to handle certain situations. Eyetracking is the tool to ensure that the driver is alert and attentive.

Smart Eye has taken some major steps in its development from a research-oriented development company into a producer for the mass market, thanks to successful financing. This has given us a basis to grow, and to recruit sales personnel, developers and researchers.

The market developed strongly during the year within both Aviation and Automotive. Evaluations show that sales of research instruments in these areas have increased by 10%. This rapid, technology-driven development is motivated by increasing safety requirements. Within Automotive, passive safety is now being supplemented with active safety. Previously, safety was related to building better roads and vehicles, while the new technology is focused on people. There is enormous potential, since eyetracking technology will be installed in every vehicle and will be just as normal as three-point seat belts have become today.

Applied Solutions

Within the Applied Solutions business area, we are working in close collaboration with the automotive industry and have chosen to focus on responding to the industry's strong interest in and the high demands made of eyetracking. Due to this strong demand, we redeployed our internal resources. As a result, the Applied Solutions business area increased its revenue by 80%.

Research Instruments

Within the Research Instruments business area we offer advanced eyetracking systems for analysis of human behaviour. To a great extent this activity performed according to plan, although we can note a slightly reduced market share. This downturn is a consequence of the strengthening of Applied Solutions with sales and development resources.

Successful financing made it possible to recruit to both compensate and strengthen our efforts within sales, as well as research and development.

Business development

A third interesting area is business development, whereby we develop new platforms and systems, together with partners. One of the companies we cooperate with is Neonode of Sweden, which develops optical touch controls. Together we are developing multi-modular interfaces for a platform that is prepared for AI.


Thanks to Smart Eye's skilled personnel, we have been able to grow and deliver in the projects in which we are involved. Our employees' expertise also ensures that Smart Eye is viewed as an exciting, outstanding company in which other specialists are keen to work. I would therefore like to thank everyone for bringing us further in using eyetracking and AI to make the world safer.



Martin Krantz

Founder and CEO

Phone: +46 70-329 26 98