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Mass-market volumes in sight 

Smart Eye has previously communicated 18 design wins from five OEMs, the latest from July this year. The combined estimated order value of the 18 models exceeds 475 MSEK over the product life cycle.

If our Driver Monitoring Systems (DMS) is migrated to other cars with the same five OEMs the potential value of estimated revenue may exceed 2 billion SEK over the life cycle of these car platforms. To put that in perspective, the mass market Request for Quotations (RFQs) that are either ongoing or upcoming and will be decided in the 2018-2019 timeframe will have a potential value of more than 10 billion SEK. Hence, it’s clear that the time for DMS has come and Smart Eye is perfectly positioned to make the most of this market opportunity. The opening of our offices in China and Japan should be seen in the light of the opportunities that opens up, not just in these markets but globally.

The tipping point for the mass-market

Smart Eye’s second quarter of 2018 consisted first and foremost of the positive change of mindset from all the major car OEMs in the world. They are now leaning heavily towards DMS and as a result many RFQs have been initiated for their upcoming mass-market car models. Up until 2017 it has exclusively been premium cars that have been equipped with DMS, but now we have procurements going out for the high-volume car models, and from all geographical markets.

Solving the global traffic accident epidemic

This is excellent news for everyone worldwide. The life-saving potential of DMS is enormous and will fully come into play when the system is present in a majority of cars on the roads. Inattention, drowsiness and other impairments are one of the biggest contributors to the fact that road fatality is among the three most common causes of death for people aged 5-44 years. More than 1,2 million road deaths occurring every year and more than 50 million injuries. United Nations have declared 2011-2020 the decade of action for road safety and urged all its member states do increase work for road safety

New DMS technology part of the solution

We are therefore proud to see that decades of work now are paying off and the spread of DMS is moving from premium cars to so called C- and D-level cars (equivalent to VW Golf, Toyota Corolla, Honda Civic, Ford Fusion etc). The wave of mass market DMS is coming slightly faster than what we earlier anticipated, and also what we earlier have communicated to the market. This, however, is good news because it means that more lives will be saved within a shorter timeframe by DMS. Everyone in the industry is working hard to make the most of this historic chance of developing a whole new safety technology that takes the actual human behaviour into account. 

Revenue development

Net sales January-June amounted to 20,6 MSEK, a 4% increase compared to last year’s 19,7 MSEK. Applied Solutions sales increased by 8 percent and Research Instruments increased by 2 percent. In the second quarter AS sales decreased by 30 % due to the focus on handling all RFQ:s. RI increased sales in the second quarter by 21 % due to a clear pick up in demand.



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