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Revolutionary eyetracking technology

Since the start in 1999, Smart Eye has become established as one of the leading players within advanced eyetracking systems to analyse human behaviour. Today, Smart Eye's system is used by customers in the automotive, aviation and defence industries, and also in academic research.

Smart Eye developed an eyetracking system at an early stage, and in 2001 the first prototype was sold to SAAB Automobile. In the following year, Smart Eye Pro® was launched, as a PC-based system for eyetracking using several cameras. Today, Smart Eye Pro® is the contactless eyetracking system used in the very most complex measurement situations.

From an early stage, Smart Eye has focused on developing eyetracking for the automotive industry and today is one of the few companies in the world that has eyetracking systems for vehicle integration which fulfil the extensive requirements set by the automotive industry. Customers in the automotive industry have used Smart Eye's systems in the design and development of driver environments, but also to assess opportunities for eyetracking as an integrated function in the vehicle.

Smart Eye was founded by Mats and Martin Krantz in 1999 and today has its offices at Första Långgatan 28 in Gothenburg, Sweden.


Smart Eye currently has two business areas: Research Instruments and Automotive Solutions. Within the Research Instruments business area, we sell advanced eyetracking systems for behaviour analysis within academic research, and to industrial operators in the automotive industry and the aviation and defence industries. Within Automotive Solutions, Smart Eye provides eyetracking systems for integration in passenger cars and other vehicles.

Martin Krantz

Founder and CEO

Phone: +46 70-329 26 98